how we do it ?

AimJobTechno is an online job portal where candidates can make registration by themselves and search jobs which are suitable for them whereas the employers who register in this can post post job vacancies available in their organizations/companies at respective different locations as it has a unique job posting system with cloud based in-built recruitment system which handle their entire recruitment process effectively. The registered jobs can create their profile, update their profile, upload new resume, search and apply for the jobs, and can view the status of applied jobs. The employers can post job vacancy details and update the details as and when necessary for a particular location. Employers can also search, view and download applicant resumes and with the help of RMS System they can control entire process from making first call for interview until the joining of candidate through its dashboard and can reduce his paperwork. The administrator of the job portal can handle the management of job seekers as well as employers and also the functionality as well as the general settings of the website.


The development of a highly feature rich, interactive and inbuilt RMS system job portal that would enable job seekers and employers to finding perfect matches for their required an easy to use, secure and quick response job portal that provides total solution to both job seekers and employers and make recruitment process very easy . The Primary Challenges team has face are:


This system consists 3 sections/modules:
1)Job Seeker
Job Seeker module helps applicants in posting their resumes. They can also update the resume. The applicant can also browse through the present vacancies available. Job seekers can also get mail alerts when their resumes are selected by employers. Employer module helps employers in posting job vacancy details and updating the details as and when necessary. The employers can also view and download applicant resumes. With Inbuilt RMS system it can control entire recruitment process from first call to the entire process and HR can hire best person while reduces manual process and paperwork. Administrator module provides administrator related functionalities. It manages entire application and maintains the job listings as well as the profiles of job seekers and employers. We have developed a robust and easy to use job portal with unique features for job seekers and employers. The portal is controlled by highly organized administrator panel to manage users and generate various types of reports.


Sailent Features of Online RMS

• HR can evaluate candidate applications, shortlist applications from multiple applications and schedule interview from the system and can sent Interview letter to the candidate for interview within the system.
Recruiter can directly put their comments against each interviewed candidate in the system. All involved persons can seeeach others’ comments make it’s more transparent. And this process can be repeated for all stages of this job portal.
HR can search candidate application from the talent pool using various search criteria, like experience, education, college, job profile, etc. and filter application as well.

HR can check duplicacy as HR can view history of duplicate candidate/application like last application date, status of last application, last application form, etc.